Caliptus Shipping offers various logistic services for both import and export. Services are performed by various logistic modalities such as air, sea, train and level crossing. Each logistic modality has its own advantages and disadvantages. Best choice of modality will depend on the type and nature of the goods being shipped. A number of logistic modalities are briefly explained below:

Air Freight

This might not be the most economical transportation mode, but it is by far the fastest. Goods being shipped by air transportation are often of sensitive nature such as flowers and goods that cannot remain on the road for long period of time. However, not all goods can be transported by air, such as dangerous goods. Air freight allows quick transportation both nationally and internationally to any destination.

Ocean Freight

This is one of the most common modes of transportation. It has many advantages, for example; a customer may have a whole container loaded onto ships and transported nationally and internationally. Noting that, it allows goods of different sizes to be transported. The most common logistics types of ocean freight are briefly described below:

  • RO / RO (Roll on-Roll off): these are specific cargo ships used mainly for transporting trucks, cars, machines and trailers.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): this is a full load of a container occupied by one customer’s goods shipped to any desired destination.
  • LCL (Less than Container Load): this is one container shared between different customers and their various goods, shipped to one shared destination.

The cost of ocean transport is relatively much lower than the air transport. Yet, one of its drawbacks is that the transit time is longer compared with the air transport.

Rail Freight

This is an efficient and effective transport modality that can be used for both long and short distances. It’s a widely used transportation method within Europe and ideal for goods coming from China to Europe. One of its advantages is the possibility to have many goods transported by train at a short transit time.

Road Freight

This is the most used logistics modality in Europe. This form of transportation is advantageous in terms of costs for large quantities of goods and is often easy to transport to any desired destination. For instance, trailers full of pallets for different customers.


This mode is mainly used for small packages or samples. Its main advantage is that parcels are delivered within a couple of days or within 24 hours depending on the destination. However, one disadvantage is the relatively high costs for the express delivery.

Storage site

Caliptus Shipping has its own storage site in Terneuzen city in The Netherlands. Goods can be stored indoors or outdoors, depending on the customer’s needs. They are kept safe and customers can get access to their goods at any time. Goods collection can be done by the customer or any agreed delivery service as requested.

Needless to say, the storage site is geographically well located close to the port of Antwerp city in Belgium. This makes it an ideal storage location for exported goods.


Caliptus Shipping is capable of preparing customs documents for the customer. This makes the logistics process smoother and the goods can be imported or exported quicker. Furthermore, the Company can arrange any certificates needed for the customer’s goods to avoid unnecessary costs and fines.

The Company can arrange temporary plate numbers for vehicles being transported. These can be used for a short period of time to bring the vehicle to its final destination.